Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

Evans Group

Research Interests

Lipid Membranes

 - Solid Supported Lipid Membranes

 - Actin Scaffolds

 - Peptidoglycan Formation

 - Antibiotic Action at Membranes

 - GUVs - as Minimal Compartment Systems

 - Fast Scan AFM of Membranes

 - Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Membranes


Micro and Nanobubbles

 - Microbubbles for Therapeutic Delivery

 - Therapeutic Delivery of Hydrophilic Drugs

 - Therapeutic Delivery of Hydrophobic Drugs

 - Microbubble Formation

 - Microfluidics

 - Targeting (antibodies/adhirons)

Self-assembled Monolayers

 - Spin Crossover on the Nanoscale (self-assemble monolayers of spin cross-over materials)

 - Photoclevable SAMS

 - SAMS characterisation using XPS, SPR, QCMD elippsometry


Nanowires and Nanoparticles

 - Conductivity in Nanowires - using 4-probe STM

 - Metallic Nanoparticles

 - Nanotubes

 - MSOT studies for Biomedical Imaging

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                  University of Leeds
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