Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

Welcome to the Group for Molecular & Nanoscale Physics

We are an interdisciplinary group researching the formation, structure, dynamics and interactions of matter at the molecular and nanoscale. Key areas of interest include:

Biophysics and soft matter, self-assembly, directed assembly, synthesis and characterization of bio/nano/hybrid materials.

Physics of bio/nano materials on surfaces and membranes.

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Forthcoming seminars
10 May 2017

MNP Seminar - Professor Ljeoma Uchegbu

University College London


Latest News

Adam Churchman wins prestigious poster prize at MicroTAS 2016 conference, Dublin, Ireland

We are delighted to announce that Adam Churchman, a 3rd year PhD student in the...


Congratulations Andrew Harvie!

Nanoparticles with Morphological and Functional Anisotropy Poster Prize Winner

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